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Stepping into the Flow of Abundance

I’m stepping into the flow of abundance a lot more clearly in my life and it’s amazing. What comes to me is often so specific and timely that there is no way I could possibly miss the significance of these deliveries. It’s changed how I think and feel about my connection to the universe. There is no doubt that I am part of the whole. You are too. May you be blessed with abundance and joy. 

I recently filled another journal with my nightly writing (yes, there are a lot of those down in my crawl space!). When I finish one, I take the time to read through it and notice themes, how I’ve grown, where I still wish to grow. Despite the turbulence of that period of time for me while going through a separation, Nov 2015 to May 2016 was full of examples of how I have stepped into abundance in new ways. Examples came up in all areas of my life: relationships, spiritual connections, health, my work, little things I want or need that have been appearing so easily and so specifically. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite stories.

I wonder how many brands and varieties of multivitamins are out there? Thousands no doubt. Not long ago, I was running low on a couple of specific supplements I take (now my compulsions come out of the closet for you to see). I’m a “figure things out” sort and before I buy things or try things (especially outdoor gear!), I tend to do quite a bit of research online to find out about how this thing works, and to check out studies and reviews. Probably no surprise but multivitamins vary a lot in quality (and yes there is certainly some question of whether they are of value at all but I still take them just in case).  

A while back I found a variety of multivitamins that rated up higher in the ranks for a decent price so I’ve been buying those. Just before I was going to order more of this particular type, I found an almost full bottle of those multivitamins on the “Creekcycle” giveaway table of the cohousing community I live in. Yahoo!

I had another supplement I had also planned to order and the next day, a friend gave me several bottles of high quality sustainably harvested krill oil as her elderly mother, who’s now a tad forgetful, keeps buying more of the same things and had way too many. So that order was all filled…for free. 

Here’s another story from last month. Everyone likes finding hard cold cash right? While on a kayak weekend in a lodge with friends, I picked up a book off the coffee table about cooking with wild edibles. Peeking out of the bottom of the book between the pages was an unusual thing: a nice crisp $100 bill. No one has claimed it so far (if it happens to be yours, just give me the serial number and I’ll hand it right back). Regardless of whether that money stays with me or not, I took that as another powerful sign of the abundance of the universe and my connection to the flow.  

Here’s a bigger one, an invitation of a lifetime that grew yet again. Friends invited me and another friend to join them for a boat trip—a month long journey this summer aboard their 39-foot yacht, with our kayaks aboard. Pretty good right? Well, it gets better. For some reason after this invitation, I started telling people about this trip but I kept saying we were travelling on a 50-foot yacht (like the fishing stories where the fish keeps getting bigger with each telling?). A few weeks ago, these friends announced that they bought a new boat. Guess what size it is? You got it, 50-feet. Another confirmation and an amazing yacht trip coming up for me soon.

You might be wondering how this manifests in my life. I think the main reason is that I have become open to it. I’ve learned how to figure out what I want and ask for it. Each demonstration of abundance that comes my way I greet with joy and delight, knowing I am totally worthy of this and that I am part of this stream that is part of the universe.

It’s a bit like a game that I don’t take it too seriously. It doesn’t really matter to me and that leaves space for possibility to bring something else into my life. It’s often something even better than I could have dreamed up myself. Having fun with abundance makes it grow.

I regularly repeat a little mantra I learned from Matt Kahn that may have played a role in the increasing flow of abundance in my life: “I am happy, I am healthy, I am abundant, I am free.” Repeating affirmations like this can direct the unconscious mind to attract those things into your life and it signals the universe about what you want.

Emotions play a big role in directing your unconscious mind about abundance. When you think of something with passion and excitement, your unconscious mind takes it as a signal that if you are that excited about it, you really must want that thing and it goes to work to make it happen. And your excitement signals the universe about what you want in a powerful way. Use your emotions well, they are highly intelligent and useful.

Think of your life. Where has abundance been flowing? Think small and big. Consider material things, relationships, situations, growth opportunities, your work or other ways of contributing, your health: where you have noticed abundance flowing? The more you notice and give thanks for it, the more you tap into that flow. The more you notice and feel anxious or annoyed about where you aren’t experiencing abundance or getting what you want, the more of that lack you will tap into. Where you focus your attention is up to you, it’s your choice. Why not focus on what you do want and trust that this or something better will come to you as your birthright? Remember to have fun!

To Try:

  1. Notice how abundance is appearing in your life. Write these examples down regularly.
  2. Ask for what you want. Be clear and specific.
  3. Bring positive emotions, a sense of fun and gratitude to these demonstrations of abundance in your life.
  4. Share your abundance stories under this article so we can all enjoy them and join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Stepping into the Flow of Abundance

  1. I’ve been wanting change in my life, wondering what is the next adventure. I moved from my lovely island community to this big island, and I’ve been stagnating at a job I didn’t like for a year now, something I don’t usually do. When I picked up your book at the library, I was delighted to read about energy and intention, about how our conscious and unconscious mind impacts our life, things I’ve believed for a long time. You have put it very simply and elegantly. Thank you. Despite a cold right now, the physical manifestation of my stress finishing a job that I didn’t like, the positive energy has started to flow again. I went to garage sales this weekend in my small community, and I found three things on my wish list, since I don’t often buy new things. Little things, but a sign to me that my life has started to flow again. Thank you for spending the time, effort and work you did putting what you’ve learned in your book and sharing it with me and everyone else. Blessed be! Amanda

    • Hi Amanda,
      So great to hear your story and I’m so glad my book was helpful to you. I’ve received so much help from others over my journey, it always feels good to be able to give back.

      I hope the abundance keeps flowing for you!


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